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You have come here to know how to make money online. A few years ago I also searched for the method of online earning. Today I’m a self-employed person and full-time online earner. I can guide you to earn money online with some selected methods which work for me.

I advise you to choose a legal method of online earning rather than any types of scam. Legal ways to make money online can take some time to become you successful and start to flow the money but it’s constant.

Again I tell you from my 7 years of experience in the field of making money online, that

  • A legal way of online earning can’t rich you overnight. It takes some time ( average of 6 months for beginners ).
  • It’s not too much difficult to start online earning, but you have to work professionally to maintain the money flow.

If you are finding some instant solution about making money online, be careful from scams. I advise the person who needs money instantly; try to get a loan from a bank. If not possible, asking friends for a loan and start online earning to clear the loan. ( Believe me, it works. I did it in my past! )

Here I’ve not listed the online methods of earning which not reliable to me ( like data entry, PTC sites, etc ). So, I can’t advise you to go for them and waste your valuable time.

You can earn huge amount of money by working online, when you become your own boss. Working for another person can’t make you rich.

Kanchan Chatterjee The CEO of COMPUTER VEDA

Kanchan Chatterjee

The Man Behind The Blog.

I started my real online income in 2014 ( after wasted my 3 yrs of life on data entry and work for others ). I was felt boring when I can’t get any money in the meantime of my success. Thanks to God, who given me patience to work consistently without earning. 4 months of hard work, able me to start online earning.

Now come to the main point; here I listed my reliable source of online earning which helps me to be a successful self-employed person.

10 Legal Ways to Make Money Online in India

( I’m an Indian, so I include my country name here. The methods working for all the countries like USA, UK, Canada and so on )

#1. Start to Make Money Blogging.

#2. Start Affiliate Marketing.

#3. Become a Freelancer.

#4. Become an online Adviser.

#5. Make Money From YouTube.

#6. Earn by Stock & Forex Trading

#7. Sell Your Own Digital Product.

#8. Provide Online Training Course.

#9. Become a Web Designer.

#10. Become a Hosting Reseller.

1. Start a Blog To Make Money Online

Blogging is the 2nd highest possibilities to make money online ( first is affiliate marketing ). After starting a blog professionally, earning will increase day by day. Even, when I’m not able to do my daily updates on my blogs, money flow not stopped anymore.

So my first advise to start a blog and make money online.


2. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

When I’m talking about online money earning; the Affiliate Marketing claim the top position, based on earning. But when you not able to continue work for a few days; money flow will be stopped. This is the difference between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

So, my 1st suggestion is to go for Adsense.
Whatever, you can start online earning through Affiliate Marketing if you have the ability to sell online.

In both cases ( Adsense or Affiliate ) you need a blog or a website to promote your content or affiliate product.


3. Become a Freelancer to Earn Online

Do you know, what is freelancing?
It’s a marketplace where some people come to find out an online job and some people come to hire them.

It’s great! Thousands of online workers earn a decent amount daily. Some reliable and reputed freelancing marketplace are fiverr.com, freelancer.in and Upwork. Sign up process is very easy.

You can list your abilities in your profile on those sites to be hired. When somebody finds out your profile suitable for their job, they hire you and you get a chance to earn money online.

But freelancing is not for the person like me! I have tried it in the past, but can’t achieve success. Let me explain the drawback to become a freelancer.

When you hired for a job and delivered it successfully, your profile received a star rating. Every job provider like to hire high rated profile. They search for their job abilities and hire top-rated profile for the job. Beginners are not fitted in their criteria due to rating less profile.

” When nobody hires you, how you got a star rating?

With zero star rating, no-one come to hire you! “

So I stopped wasting my time on freelancer sites.

4. Work as Online Adviser

5. Make Money From YouTube

Everybody knows, YouTube is the biggest video platform and here Google provides you the chance to make money online by uploading unique videos.

Earn online from YouTube is really easy without any investment. To become a YouTube partner, you need to create your own YouTube channel by clicking here.

Requirements are nothing,

  1. Camera to record video: You can use your mobile camera.
  2. Video Editing Software: I suggest to use FilmoraGo, PowerDirector or KineMaster.
  3. Internet Data: You need high-speed internet data to upload videos ( Thanks to Mr. Mukesh Ambani for Jio internet plan ).

Choose a specific topic with your best ability, and upload videos consistently.

But Your channel can’t earn a penny before monetizing with AdSense. Here are the factors you have to achieve to be able for monetization your YouTube channel with AdSense,

  • Your channel must reach 1000 Subscriber.
  • Total watch time of your channel should be 4,000 Hours.

If you are interested, then you can read: How To Make Money From YouTube or follow the video.

6. Earn By Stock & Forex Trading

Stock & Forex trading is the super-fast way to earn money online. At present, anybody can open a demat account to start trading and generate a handsome income online. FNO trading and Intraday can make you rich quickly than any other online money making opportunity.

But if you ask me the reason why I leave daily trading on the stock market, I just tell you only one sentence “Greedy on more profit is the planning to lose everything”.

At first, I gained some knowledge on stock trading, made thousands of profit daily. But when I realized my mistake somehow, now I become an event trader and leave Intraday trading.

You can follow the “SK Capital Analysis” website to learn everything about stock trading and techniques.

Read: How To Open A Trading Account

Caution: Stock trading is slightly different from other online income sources. In this case, money flow is two types, +Ve & -Ve, That’s mean not only profit, sometimes ready to lose money. My suggestion is “start with little amount, learn everything, become an expert and invest as you wish”.

7. Sell Your Own Digital Product

8. Provide Online Training Course

9. Become a Web Designer

10. Become a Hosting Reseller

I have already tested every method of online earning. If you believe me, don’t go for the online earning source listed below. I have just listed those worst methods to save your valuable time.

  • #11. Online Survey
  • #12. PTC ads clicking
  • #13. Captcha Solving
  • #14. Online Data Entry
  • #15. Domain Trading

If you have any question about make money online, feel free to ask in the comment section.
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