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9 Ways To Monetize YouTube Channel In 2019

How to Make Money on YouTube : YouTube is a veritable platform, a video sharing website that gives people the opportunity to share contents of a video and with the power of views and impressions the videos are able to make money from YouTube easily, the necessary marketing benefit can be achieved via this process and such organized video sharing website is a means of reaching out to billions of people in the world. Indeed the information age is filled with a lot of opportunities where anyone can earn money from YouTube and leverage from what I call, the unprecedented money making opportunity on YouTube whereby anyone I mean anyone can earn a lot of money from YouTube, your time is now!

Take the initiative to get your own quota of the YouTube money. No one will do it for you, you have to do it yourself, earn what is yours by going for what will give you satisfaction. Take advantage of the top 9 money making opportunity on YouTube and make the most of your income earning.

The ability of videos being uploaded to go viral through sharing makes YouTube to be a very effective platform for making money, if there is something or information that you want to share which has to do with these 9 types of money making opportunities on YouTube and anything that has to do with your business promotions, it is the YouTube video  sharing that can make the information to go viral and your products, goods and services that will get the attention of the internet community to get to know about your products.


Making money on YouTube is all about having the ability to generate traffic through contents just like blogs and like what you do with affiliate marketing to generate traffic. To sum it up, you will need to generate more traffic to be able to make money on YouTube.

1. Earn Money From YouTube With Google Adsense

Adsense has been the tool for making money on Google, therefore for you to make money on YouTube, you can key into this huge business opportunity. Because lots of companies and individuals who have business wants to make more money by looking for where they can promote their business.

Hence, when you have great contents that can attract people to your website, you can make good use of the opportunity to place advertisement space for various companies, individuals and corporate organization to buy advertising space on your page on YouTube and you will charge them for a fee. If you have lots of companies or clients or customers who besiege you for advertisement space on your videos, then you are in to make lots of cash.

To get started, you need to sign up for Google Adsense. When you have finished signing up and setting up your Adsense account, you can start by displaying adds before or during the time your Videos are running on YouTube. This is one of the most effective ways of making money, again, the most important thing you should know is to create great video contents that will generate a lot of traffic and viewership.

The option of using adds on your videos to make money on YouTube is great because in this aspect, you don’t need to worry about searching or sourcing for advertisers on your own because Google does the job for you while you leverage from the business.

However, it is good for you to understand that it is not everyone that is given the opportunity of leveraging from the advertisement of the companies or individual who are given the opportunity to partner with YouTube to benefit from video advertisement. But rather this is a very good option for you if you are given the opportunity to also key into this aspect of money making opportunity on YouTube.

Next methods are helps you to make money from YouTube without AdSense.

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2. Make Money on YouTube With Affiliate Marketing

One of the major ways of making money on YouTube is to add affiliate links to the videos you share on YouTube; you can add links within the text descriptions of your videos and get people to click those links.

You do understand that the most successful ways of making money on YouTube over the years and since the advent of blogging and e-commerce website is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves the process of signing up for affiliate website who give links to affiliate marketers who are able to market any products on their websites or blogs and the links generated helps in earning commissions by customers who buy any products or services through their links.

This is a very good avenue for anyone to make lots of money especially if you chose affiliate marketing and the traffic generated via your YouTube videos can get more sharing and clicks to your Affiliate links, hence that means the more chances of getting buyers for the products and you earn more commissions.

This strategy works best if your links is directly related to the products you are sharing on YouTube i.e. the contents of the video is about the products that you are sharing via the affiliate links. This is a perfect strategy to make lots of money as affiliate commissions.

But first of all, before you can successfully make money with this method, you will have to become an affiliate marketer or at least have an affiliate link account with a website, such as e-commerce website or e-store or any other website with products that can be purchased online via the internet.

Normally, these website will request for application from prospective individuals who are willing to sign up with them  to become affiliates. For example, Amazon.com is one of the largest market place where we have affiliates who are doing good business.

With a personal website or blog you can sign up to become an amazon affiliate and you can even sign up with any other website where you can also become affiliates, and the websites normally generate affiliate links to participants who will use these links to share at social media with friends and on their YouTube videos and they will be able to generate commissions from the sales made through their affiliate links.

So, if you are interested in that kind of opportunity of making money via generated links and sharing it or adding it to your YouTube videos, you can equally apply this method to make money on YouTube.


3. Selling Links of Other People on YouTube Channel

Once you are able to establish your channel on YouTube, you can actually begin a serious business on YouTube, how will you be able to do this, there are choices to be made in this business.

YouTube subscribers come to do serious business, hence if you are on YouTube, you should think business, you want to make money, then you can own a channel that has lots of videos, because the number of videos you upload is unlimited, you can decide to sell space for links sharing of other people since you have lots of traffic.

Be conscious of the kinds of link you share and make sure the links are from reputable people. It is very important that you sell links space to people who are not sharing obnoxious products or banned items or else you will scare away potential clients and customers who are willing to pay good money for link space. Because when people click on the link and they see that the contents are obnoxious or offensive they will not bother to advertise with you.

Hence, make sure you verify the links when you are selling the link space for people to pay for advertisement. After you ascertain that they have something genuine to offer and people will like it, then you can offer these services and start making money with it.

4. Make Money By Paid Reviews Videos

Many individuals and corporate businesses are doing business offline and online. Categorically speaking the sole aim of establishing a business is for profit maximization, and there are lots of companies out there who are looking for avenues to source for customers and make more money.

It is very vital for you to know that Videos are very effective means of advertising a company products. Therefore lots of advertiser always come to people who have the followers or traffic to present advertisement of their products.

This is similar to what we have on blogs, such as a sponsored post. People can decide to advertise their products via sponsored post and people get to see it while they are reading the content of a blog. So, you can also sell space for uploading of videos of a company products, goods and services, such that the company will produce a video of their products which contains the details of their products, description, purposes of uses and how beneficial it is to the general public.

People will always click on such videos to know what the product is all about. It is always advisable to let your customer know that they have to come with quality videos to your channel for it to be uploaded.

Other type of videos that can also be uploaded are explained videos that will explain about a product or its benefits and you can get it from customers who need to promote their business or work to the general public and internet community so they can get sales.

However, it is very important that you do not focus majorly on advertisement videos alone because these might make people to lose interest in your channel because of too many advertisement videos about products. People are looking for quality and not quantity, videos that people like watching are not just advertisement videos which are just talking about a particular product but they’ll like to have quality videos which is basically informative. Make sure your videos are quite a mix of adverts and other interesting

areas which will continue to keep people coming to your channel to see what is in stock and also continue to get more subscribers to your channel.

Why it is not advisable to only focus on product explanation video is because people will always see your channels or videos as a sales model and will not like to be always reminded of what is on your channel. People who view your videos may decide to give you a negative rating and that will not augur well with your business or money making adventure.

5. Earn From Personal Product Promotions on YouTube

If there are products and services that you render, you can decide to create your own videos and upload them on your channel to show people also about your business.

A business cannot survive without adequate marketing strategy. As you upload the videos of other people, you should also create a video of your own that talks about your goods and services. Knowing fully well that business marketing is very important for you to get customers that will come and use your services and you get paid for doing that.

It is also a way of let people know about your services or products most especially if you have gained reputation on the internet. Once in a while people will see it and like it, and it doesn’t stop them from coming to you, already they will see you as a serious person who is offering genuine business services. Therefore, you can decide to maximize profit by letting people know more about your business by giving them the opportunity of seeing your video.

Always make sure your video is of good quality and standard enough to attract the needed attention. Business marketing in the information encompassing a lot, both offline and online, the YouTube dimension or method is even more supportive and makes sales to become more effective and faster, a lot of individuals and business have earned lots of money via the YouTube video sharing platform, as  a result of this achievement, doing business cannot be more easier than what this platform has to offer, because you will have access to the needed traffic which can easily be generated because people are more captivated what they see with their eyes and are always ready to watch.

6. Make Money By Review Affiliate Product & Sell

Many people are always looking for ways to make money, one of the most successful means of making money on the internet is by signing up to become an affiliate with companies looking for affiliate marketers to partner with them.

Again, you don’t even need to become an affiliate yourself before you can make money with this method, you can decide to give other affiliate marketers the opportunity of making money through your channels by helping to promote their affiliate products by creating a video and reviewing those products for them.

You can decide to dress corporate in the video or at least be decent and presentable just like you would in a corporate business environment or if it’s something to do with sports or any other activity you want to promote you can also help in creating the video and promote them on your channel, this a very good way of making money, because by the time you build a good reputation, you will see a lot of affiliate marketers who will besiege you for you to help them in promoting their affiliate products.

So with this you can make lots of money and also have repeat buyers and customers because they will always come back to you to promote other products that they have. Also if you have used a particular product and you got satisfied by the result, then you can decide to promote such products given clear testimony of the benefits you derived from such products and people will believe you, this will increase your reputation and will give more attention required for more business opening and success on YouTube.

7. Sale YouTube Channel to Earn Money

Just line when a company decides to sell off its business to interested investors and just like bloggers start their own blog, grow it to the extent that they have large traffic, they can decide to sell it off to another users. And this works most especially when your name or personality is not attached to a particular blog.

Therefore, you can decide to sell your channel too when you have a large traffic based, this usually works fine if your channel generates lots of traffic via search engine based traffic generation.

So, this is also another good way you can make a large amount of money on YouTube by selling your channel.  Often times channels that can constantly generate lots of traffic goes for higher amount of bidding and this is a great way of making a hit.

Selling the channel and you can also start another channel, grow it and sell it off to make your money. It is also important for you to know that the money you make from the sale can be put into other fruitful use, you can decide to invest it and while you are looking forward for making another money from another sale of your channel, make sure you have some reserve for upkeeps and for other business opportunities, but majorly you can make a serious and real time income from selling your YouTube Channel.

Again it is also important for you to know that any channels that can draw traffic based on search engine optimization searches are always valuable compared to that of subscribers based traffic.

So, do the necessary search engine optimization by producing great contents with the right keywords attached to your videos to make it more accessible or increase its accessible options via search engine and that will serve as a boost for you.

8. Promote Events on YouTube and Make Money

The idea here is that people always have one thing or the other to do, especially when they have upcoming events and they want people to participate as a way of creating awareness.

YouTube is an avenue of doing so when you are able to get the required traffic, you can offer this services to people who are interested in promoting their own event on your channel.

If people have upcoming event anytime, they can easily approach you and you will upload it and viewers will see it and the company or individuals who his doing the event will benefit from your channel.

You earn money by assuring that the videos you upload on your channels will get the necessary views that they need.

9. Selling Right Of Unlisted Videos To Make Money

For non citizens of the United States of America or people who are not living in the United States of America, there is an alternative means of charging money for accessing your videos.

This is how you can make money with your videos; you can decide to publish your videos, this means that your videos will not show up on your channels.

Hence, you can decide to sell your videos via another platform such as your blog. Since it is an unlisted video which can be sold to anyone, you can decide to sell those videos on another host such as Amazon S3. But the basic information here is that you can decide to publish your videos which is not going to be in your channel and then you can sell them.



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