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Managed Vs Unmanaged Hosting – Review

With unmanaged hosting service, you are responsible to manage your server completely. This means, you are responsible for (not limited to these though):

  • Installing the operating system
  • Installing the website software
  • Taking care of the traffic spikes
  • Maintaining your server for any bug
  • Ensuring security and data speed

This looks a daunting task particularly if you never did that before or if you do not have the desired expertise, technical knowledge or experience in the domain. Conversely, managed hosting looks pretty simple and easy, though it costs more. In managed service, the hosting agency is responsible for system administration, software installation, server security and updates. Make sure you get in touch with your hosting agency and determine the type of service.

Moreover, if you lack technical expertise or do not have enough time manage things by your own; prefer managed hosting service. It’s like you are outsourcing these things as a package to the particular service provider and hire technically sound professionals to manage your hosting server for you. It may cost you but the experience, reward and ROI will be sufficient to satisfy you

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A professional blogger from India and the man behind 'Computer Veda'. Also the founder of 'SK Capital Analysis' and 'Go Product Review'.

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